The value or lightness

Valor -luminosidad

The Chroma, Saturation or Intensify


Hue, tint, tonality or overtones

The hue, tint, tonality or overtones are essential to learn within the diagram color pigment


Images of Quintessence technique


Why one kind of texture and how? Wear

On this occasion we will explain how to get a natural within thenatural wear

In the area subsection-occlusal we will simulate the makeup with a dark orange pulp cavity. We will characterize the finish using rubber bands to get the area smooth and polished feature. Anuance of naturally within the wear would be to create a smalldepression in the dental area

On the other hand, in vestibular in areas where reconstruction comes into contact with the lips, also we will characterize wear very slight way using rubber bands. In this area will be nogrowth or any surface texture lines unless it is aggressive, leaving the rounded edges of the concavity

Last comment, we can created a wear on incisal edges to achieve greater translucency

The Importance of Macro and Micro Texture

We have worked an excellent morphology and ….. have we finished?

Let’s take some time for a good finish using texture
In addition to characterizing our work, we will be able to create effects in the tone through the symmetrical and asymmetric reflected light

Look at the images to know the reflection
Whenever adjacent teeth have it, in the areas where the tooth suffers greater wear (we will create it by mechanical polishing) we will obtain symmetrical reflection. On the other hand, in the most protected areas, the asymmetric

Recall that we will achieve greater value in the area with polished texture

Images of Quintessence technique