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Advantages of being an author

Do you want to be part of the team of authors of DENTALAUDE?

If you have project an idea or work and you want to be part of our Authors in DENTALAUDE, we invite you to collaborate with us.

Benefits of including tutorials in DENTALAUDE:

(a) share the flow of users created by more professionals who have included their tutorials.

(b) to treat all tutorials cost equally, regardless of the professional curriculum and the author’s experience, this will favour any person may have access to a wide range of knowledge, impacting on these authors in a number unlimiteddownloads and therefore a great economic benefit.

Once you are Author

The admission for tutorials deadline shall not exceed ten days

Profitability will be entered in the first five days of the monthfollowing

We have to abide with a deep explanation of the whole procedure until finish

In this way we will achieve an excellent and high-valueeducation

In the tutorials will be no explicit advertising material orcommercial House

Advise that when presenting a Conference, it would beprofitable to quote that if any wants to acquire the bulk ofknowledge, you can visit DENTALAUDE

LinkedIn, when you’re talking about a subject, put a link thatleads to the tutorial that is hosted at DENTALAUDE.

Author Registration Form

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Important: This is the name that customers see when purchasing your products. Please choose carefully.

An example:

65% return to perceive taxes are charged on the user

The returns provided by the tutorials will result in an artisticuse of time

For the edition of the Tutorial you will provide a guide which you won’t feel lost

DENTALAUDE has a Marketing team who will ensure the dissemination of the set of tutorials

DENTALAUDE boasts a prestigious group of lawyers who custody to the legality of every Tutorial

To search your name in GOOGLE, will be shown before on DENTALAUDE than on your website, since they are located on aplatform with more professionals, has a better positioning

You will have a personalized page with your photo, in a wellpositioned site and authority
Working with professional associations, DENTALAUDE will get apotential flow of specialized users

Thank you : DENTALAUDE

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